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We confidently guarantee & deliver a customized marketing campaign for each and every client

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Insurance Appointment Setting & B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to Business Insurance Lead Generation, we confidently guarantee & deliver each customized marketing campaign to pave the way for unparalleled appointment setting.

The G&D Group is the superior leader in Business Insurance Lead Generation because we practice what we preach. Who else will guarantee their Business Insurance Leads & Appointment Setting programs like we do & deliver the service on time?

Appointment setting is the highlight of what we do at The G&D Group. You’ll love us in advance because we will guarantee your Business Insurance Lead generation & appointment setting program ahead of time! Nowhere else will you find an appointment setting firm like ours.

Our business insurance lead generating philosophy involves taking a partnership approach with our clients. When it comes to realizing appointment setting goals & business insurance lead generation, we share the same goals & exceeding expectations.

The G&D Client Portal allows our clients to access their appointment setting programs online in real-time to monitor activity & track results.

  • We build analytics into our programs that answer the all-important question, "Is it working?"
  • Business Lead Generation is easily maintained in your client portal. There, you will have the tools to oversee all your business insurance leads as well as your appointment setting program.
  • You’ll have a managing calendar to organize the entire appointment setting program. There, you’ll find options such as “black-out” dates from your calendar –so the appointment setting can always be adjusted to fit your schedule in real-time.

Business Insurance Lead generation & Appointment Setting with The G&D Group delivers results unlike any others because of our unique team:

  • We specialize in appointment setting for business insurance agents & brokers. 100% of our appointment setting programs are “made to order” for insurance agents & brokers.
  • This way, we can boast without doubt that our niche is business insurance lead generation.
  • Here, appointment setting is made with the confidence and knowledge it takes to make business insurance lead generation cost-effective & valuable. Our team has the know-how to pre-qualify leads for better quality appointment setting.

All of our employees work in our office with no offshore outsourcing.

  • Inferior appointment setting & business lead generation out there can not claim the same. We are all a team combining force to make appointment setting & business insurance lead generation most advantageous for your agency.
  • Every program is set up with a guarantee to help you make a return on your investment with your new Business Lead Generation program & give you the appointment setting results no others can.
  • We provide on-going advanced appointment setting training to all of our employees. Our High Achievers & Super Stars continually push themselves & channel their passion into everything we deliver. They never put a cap on their extraordinary capabilities, and stay up to date with the insurance industry. This quality shines bright in the light of Appointment Setting & Business Insurance lead generation.

Business Insurance Lead Generation & Appointment Setting is the art of Insurance Marketing.

Dion Gutierrez & Tad Duke have over 29 years of combined experience in working with insurance agencies, brokerages & companies throughout the country. They oversee all client appointment setting programs to insure the highest level of success in each program.

Dion & Tad are helping several agencies dramatically increase new business acquisition, retention, and referral business.

The combined experience has made them realize that successful Business Insurance Lead generation is a pivotal aspect that many insurance agencies need to invest in.

For example:

A marketing study conducted by Sirius Decisions revealed that less than 15% of sales time is spent on lead generation.

  • Only 6% of the organizations surveyed make lead generation a sales training priority. To make matters worse, the study revealed that more than 75% of leads generated are not followed up properly.

Both partners have become aware of this epidemic and established The G&D Group to refine the art of Business Insurance lead generation & appointment setting. This is why they have come up with more efficacious ways, such as real-time marketing & on-going training for telemarketers, to help agencies fill up their sales pipeline. Their experience has brought forth a company that is building accountability into the business insurance lead generation process.

The number one reason to be interested in a business insurance lead generation & appointment setting service is to increase the amount of sales to your agency. Every agent knows that their sales affect the amount of money that they make.

If business insurance lead generation & appointment setting can directly help you make sales, why would you deprive your agency of the opportunity?



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We specialize in working with insurance agencies, national brokerages and insurance companies throughout the country. At The G&D Group, you can count on a qualified & experienced staff of effective professionals working for you!

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